Clarkson University, Georgia College of Engineering and Idiap Research Institute are proud to announce LivDet Face 2021, a liveness detection competition centered around facial recognition challenging competitors to create the best algorithm to recognize presentation attacks. It is open to both academic and industrial organizations.

The competition has been split up into two sub-competitions:

  • Single image based
  • Video based

This competition will be held as part of IJCB 2021.

Competition Process:

Step 1. Register and select an anonymous participant for the publication. To register click here.

Step 2. Submit algorithms for evaluation. For detailed instructions click here.

Step 3. Performance will be assessed and compared to other teams.

Step 4. Results will be announced and one winner from each sub-competition will be selected.

Step 5. Publication: Teams who submit the two best performing methods from each sub-competition will be invited to submit a joint paper summarizing the competition and briefly describing the PAD methods.